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Kent M. Baur, CFA


Performance Risk Advisors provides performance enhancement and outsourced risk management solutions to the investment management industry.



Kent's 25 years of investment experience runs a gamut of traditional fundamental equity, quantitative hedge funds and multi-asset portfolios, and includes nearly every element of the investment process from fundamental analysis to risk management and portfolio construction.


His background as a plan sponsor, consultant and investment manager provides him with a unique understanding of the institutional investment business and he has used this knowledge and passion for markets to build, improve or restructure several businesses.

Core Expertise


Investment Skills and Experience

  • Asset allocation

  • Manager selection

  • Investment process design and implementation

  • Investment team management and staffing

  • Research team management and staffing

  • Portfolio construction

  • Risk management

Contributory Expertise


Distribution Skills and Experience

  • Product design and development

  • Defining the message

  • Stakeholder communication

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