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Quantitative Market-Neutral Hedge Fund “The performance of one of our funds seemed to have a “slow leak”, so the portfolio manager cut his leverage until he could identify the problem.  Kent took a very creative approach and found an issue with portfolio construction that wasn’t captured by the team's risk management system.  As a result, performance improved and we were able to take leverage back to normal levels."

Mutual Fund Trustee - “The advisor to one of our mutual funds was up for contract renewal, but performance vs. peers had weakened in recent years.  Our board asked Kent to do a thorough review of the team and make an appropriate recommendation.  He was able to identify a specific problem (and solution) that was agreed to by the team and implemented before our next meeting.”

Chairman and CEO, $12B Investment Firm - “Markets were in turmoil and our flagship product was doing particularly poorly.  I was so impressed with Kent’s analysis of the flaws in our investment process that I asked him to take over management of the team until it was fixed.  Then I asked him to do something even harder!”

Senior Portfolio Manager - “Firm management asked Kent to conduct an intensive review of our team. I had initial concerns about any external involvement, but Kent’s approach was extremely thorough, non-invasive, and very professional. He analyzed every element of our investment team and process and made recommendations that I found insightful and that ultimately improved our performance.”

Senior Marketing Professional and CEO - “Kent and I worked together, then I hired him once and tried to hire him again.  His combination of investment insight, communication skills and business knowledge make him a valuable asset to multiple parts of an investment organization.  I continue to recommend him to my current organization and others."

CEO and Head of Institutional Sales - “I’ve known and worked with Kent in multiple facets for 20 years.  He has been a valuable partner as a business builder, investment professional and communicator to investors.  I'm hopeful he’ll join me on my next venture.”

CEO, Defined Contribution Provider - “Kent was recommended to me by his former CEO who is also a very good friend of mine.  I needed someone with strong investment skills that could manage our advisory business.  His efforts in product development and distribution helped grow our capabilities and financials, resulting in the successful sale of our company.”

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